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Dear Friends! 

It is a holiday! It is an anniversary! We celebrate our 20 years birthday! And with all my heart I congratulate all of you – our clients, business partners, birthday bank officers, I congratulate everyone who has passed with us two challenging and tough decennaries, the ones who trusted to new unbeknown to anybody in September 1994 their funds bank and the ones who just a couple of days before brought their funds for the first time. This is a holiday for all of us!

It should seem that twenty years is a short term but for Russia banking world it is an entire epoch. For us, my friends and me, it started with a spontaneous decision – to open for our company financial service a private decent bank instead of rendering others banks services which costs considerable funds. To tell the truth, we had not felt the banking management much at the time but we learned from our mistakes and it appeared that what man has done man can do. BFG-Credit was established, it has stood out, moved up, overcome the most difficult times for country economics and finances, including unforgettable 2008, gained European reputation, entered Top 100 own capital largest credit institutes of Russia, opened an extensive regional branch network from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.

We are known! We are entrusted!